History Of Air Conditioning

March 6, 2017 at 5:10 pm by Alberto Ordonez | Posted in

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People always used some method of cooling. It helps to keep our bodies cool during warm times. If not for cooling we could sweat and it would become uncomfortable. Many years ago people used to collect snow and ice to store them and use during summer. During the times of the ancient Roman, ancient Egyptian and ancient Persian empires used many methods to cool off such as using water to circulate the house, having reeds hang from the windows, cisterns and wind towers were used to keep cool.

In the 2nd century the Chinese created rotary fans that were initially spun by prisoners and then a mechanism using water. They also used jet streams of water to keep the air cool and humid.

Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley conducted many experiments to use evaporation to rapidly cool objects in 1758. They identified that by evaporating highly volatile liquids air conditioning service at Boondall such as ethanol, alcohol and ether they could rapidly cool down objects beyond the freezing point. Click here for air conditioning installation.

In 1842 John Gorrie a physician created ice using compressor technology and used it to cool the air for his patients. His plan was to start using these in buildings and also had plans to use it on entire cities. In 1851 he received a patent for his ice making machine. His dream remained a dream when his chief banker died and Gorrie could not obtain the funds to create his idea. John Gorrie thereafter was humiliated by criticism and died improvised in 1855.

Today aircon service companies are available everywhere and A/C’s are very common and mass produced for everyone’s use. Back in 1902 Willis Carrier an American scientist created the first large scale electrical A/C.  This unit not only controlled temperature, it also humidity. This machine was soon used to increase productivity in the workplace. The first A/C to be used at a private home was in 1914 which would become a very common thing.

As demand rose The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America was formed.  Since the 1950s A/C began to be used at homes and automobiles. Similarly many A/C services were provided and air conditioning installation Brendale, New York city, London and many other towns and cities these services.

A/C use has become an integral part in our everyday lives. It is available in every home and office. It is not only used for cooling purposes but also for heating during winter. As technology improved A/C’s became smaller and very power efficient, further there are many types of A/C’s we can choose from. It can be stated that it is one of the most important inventions for mankind.