Important Things To Keep In Mind When Decorating A Nursery

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If you are about to have a baby and want to know what to do in order to turn that small spare room into a functional nursery, then keep reading and you will find all the tips and ideas you might require to help you along.

Less is more

Do not clutter the space especially because you will be walking from your room to the nursery and vice versa during the middle of the night and you do not want to be bumping into things and tripping over stuff you have lying all around. If you do want to decorate however then get a good quality kids floor rug that is colourful, bright and large enough to fit the room to size so that you do not trip on the edges.

Choose a theme and a bright colour scheme

Pick a good theme and carry it out throughout the space such as: in the jungle, in space, butterflies. You can easily find artwork for nursery themes of your choice in different stores. Do not overwhelm the space with too much of the theme because that can make the room an almost unpleasant space, instead you should do it with taste and style and you will love the theme of your baby nursery. If your struggling with themes and how to go about them, you can always get help from google for some ideas. You should also choose brighter colours for the walls so that the room is not drab or dull.

Water-proof and washable everything

You really do not understand how much of a mess babies make, yes they are basically immobile and do not do much but the one thing they can do successfully is create a huge mess. The peeing, pooping and upchuck does not end so you are going to be really grateful for not having to clean up or scrub things that are not washable or waterproof and that includes the wall paint. So when you are shopping for your nursery buy things you know will not get easily stained or damaged by repeated washes.

Fascinating ceilings

Your baby will spend a lot of time looking up, so give the kid something truly interesting to look at especially as the child continues to grow. Bright colours will stimulate the baby and get it to focus on the ceiling this might also keep the baby distracted once it wakes up so this way he/she is not always going to cry immediately after waking up.Start on your nursery as soon as you possibly can so you do not leave too much work for yourself just before the baby arrives. Decorating the nursery is always a fun and exciting time but make sure that you do not take over all the strenuous work and attempt to lift heavy things yourself! Now go have fun with decorating your nursery.