Refurbishing Your Home To Fit Modern Tastes

September 2, 2016 at 10:38 am by Alberto Ordonez | Posted in

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Everything in life is determined by the passage of time. People grow old, plants wither away to feed the soil, opinions are replaced by newer ones, and the world ultimately continues to be. A person can hold one opinion or ideology in one period of their life, and have a complete opposite mindset in the next. This is an ode to the ever-changing growth and development of the human mind, fuelled through learning and experience. As such, tastes and preferences are also subject to change drastically, overtime. This could range from preferences in people and hobbies, to the clothes you wear and how your bedroom looks.

With changes in taste and preference, you might one day come to find that your dream home you acquired two decades ago is slightly outdated, and in need of an update to match your current requirements.

When choosing to refurbish your home, there are many areas to consider. The main element would obviously be time and money spent, and considering how the refurbishment affects your financial state and your daily job due to time constraints.

Cosmetic updates
Cosmetic updates to a home refers to the changes that can be made to the structure of the home as it is, and does not require the tearing down of any part of the home or replacing any significant elements, such as floors, ceilings, and walls. 

The easiest domestic update would be the painting of a house. This gives an instant update and gives a fresh look to the home. It also helps it to look less old and instead look more modern and relevant. Painting the walls does not have to be the only way’ one can instead choose to paint the front door in a vibrant and eye-catching colour to make it a stand-out element of your home. It can also mean simply adding a fresh coat of wood varnish to your old kitchen cabinets, and may be installing a new splash back to update your pantry without spending too much.

Choosing to install interesting lighting fixtures into a small space can also help to brighten up the room and help give it character and a welcoming air.

More foundation updates
These updates are ones that deal with changing fundamentals of the structure of the home. This could range from redoing the ceiling to add architecturally pleasing timber beams to give a rustic feel, or simply re-doing your garden up by employing a company of turf supply and lay Sydney to lay out turf.

The turf can be enhanced with potted plants or hanging plants to complete a garden look and feel. A few decorative garden statuettes and flowering plants can also bring the garden some interest and colour.

These more robust updates can also translate into knocking out a wall or two to free up more space and give your home a more open-plan feel.