The Ideal Holiday Location For Both Families And Couples

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Malolo island is a beautiful little island in the Fijian paradise. They say it a true treasure of Fiji. It is an amazing holiday destination for an beautiful getaway with your loved ones. It located on the most beautiful golden sand beach and surrounded by an abundant of coral reefs. The Malolo island resort family packages are extremely popular among families, here are few reasons why it’s the absolute best destination for your next vacation-The first thing is you will avoid all the distraction such as phones and Television as you spend the days instead exploring vibrant coral reefs and enjoying the beautiful sea. When it comes to accommodation they have got the most stylish facilities that would suit families of any sizes. The deluxe ocean view is something you cannot complain about. The plantation style duplex bures have high vaulted ceilings and beautiful contemporary décor to compliment the rustic ambience. The bures are located just meters from the oceans edge giving you a spectacular view of the beautiful ocean. Fiji enjoys a tropical climate most of the year without great extremes of warm and cold weather.When it comes to food you will not be disappointed, the island is equipped with two amazing restaurants that serve the freshest cuisines that too in the most relaxed environment.

This kind of luxury travel agent holidays offers you the best of both worlds from amazing sea view accommodations to mouthwatering delicious food. Besides that you can indulge in the rainforest spa and massage your stress away, whilst you enjoy your massage your kids will be entertained at the kids club so entertainment for everyone in the family is guaranteed. The adult only pool, family pool, lounge and the dining areas are inclusive privileges as well. This gives everyone the opportunity to have a great vacation without any compromises.When you are surrounded by the beautiful ocean and the coral reefs you are spoilt for activates. You can choose to snorkel or engage in a number of water sports such as water skiing and dolphin watching at your leisure. Or you can choose to explore the island. Fiji is well known for its rich customs and culture. If you choose to attend their village trips it is wise to learn about their customs. One important thing about the Malolo Island Resort is that the staff have been consistent through their traditions, sense of fun and friendliness which sure will make your experience