Types Of Cameras That Will Keep You Safe

April 25, 2017 at 1:16 pm by Alberto Ordonez | Posted in

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Best way to monitor your kids while you are not home is the surveillance systems. Also these are ideal for enhancing safety in your office, home or even in workshops. It is obvious that these systems use multiple cameras to record videos and they can be controlled remotely from virtually anywhere in world. When it comes to these advanced systems, devices, specially cameras, plays the most important role. If you are planning on buying a new system or if you are planning to upgrade your existing system you should have a proper knowledge and a basic understanding of the main types of these cameras. It will come in handy when you are troubleshooting one of these systems.

Dome type

As the name itself suggests, these devices are dome shaped. Most of today’s security camera systems use this type of devices. These cameras fit on to walls and specially on to ceilings conveniently. They are very popular among many businesses including banking and casinos because of their light weight and their smaller size. Typical dome type devices can only be used indoors. However, if you want to fix these cameras outside you have to add a special add-on called dome armor to protect these devices from weathering. There are different dome models with various features and resolutions as well.

Bullet type

This is the ideal and most famous surveillance video recorder type in streets. These cameras have a shape of a rifle and their lenses are pointed outward giving them a unique and interesting look. They can be mounted on a ceiling or on a wall and they are usually powered by DC. These cameras offer a color video recording and the modes can be easy changed.

Infrared type

One of the most popular type of surveillance cameras is this infrared type. They are ideal for home security alarm systems Gold Coast, office or even street safety systems. These devices work based on the same concepts but they use external infrared lights or diodes to see in the dark. It is difficult for cameras to see at night when it is dark. Infrared light cannot be seen by naked human eye but these cameras use them as “flash lights”. These lights appear as red LEDs at night and they are built around the camera lens. 

Night vision

These are not very different from infrared cameras but they don’t have external lights for them to see in dark. Night vision systems can be cost effective depending on your application.

These are the main types of surveillance systems that involves cameras and you can purchase them depending on your location and application. Before buying these devices, talk to a repute company and ask for their suggestions, always.